Michael Hale

Obituary of Michael D. Hale

In Loving Memory of Michael Hale 04/07/1972 - 11/15/2023 In the quietude of dawn, a gentle soul, Michael, embarked on his final journey, leaving behind a legacy of laughter, loyalty, and unwavering love. He was a man of remarkable contradictions, a tortured soul who found solace in the warmth of human connection, a master of wit and humor who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Michael could find humor in even the most challenging situations, a gift that brought joy to all who knew him. His infectious laughter and quick wit could light up a room and lift spirits instantly. His gentle soft spoken tone combined with his dry sense of humor and genuine curiosity attracted many friends and acquaintances wherever he went. Beyond his humor, Michael possessed a keen sense of observation. He had a knack for understanding people and situations with depth and insight. His ability to connect with others on a profound level made him a cherished confidant and friend to many. Beneath the surface of his jovial demeanor lay a man of deep sensitivity and empathy. He possessed an uncanny ability to listen without judgment, offering a safe haven for those seeking solace in his presence. His loyalty was unwavering, a constant in a world of shifting sands. He was a fierce protector of those he loved, a pillar of strength in times of adversity. Despite the inner turmoil that often plagued him, Michael was a man of remarkable success. He was a skilled gambler, a master of the odds, who managed to turn his passion into a source of prosperity. His love for music was equally profound, his eclectic tastes spanning genres and eras.. And for thirty years, he dedicated himself to a single company, a testament to his loyalty and work ethic. Michael remained a kind and gentle soul. He possessed a deep well of compassion for others and always sought to see the good in them. Michael is survived by his children, Mitchell (18) and Monica (16), his sister Elizabeth and her children, Alexandria (husband Rodney), Ryan and Aspen, and his brother Christopher and his wife Meredith and their children, Sloane and Logan. He is predeceased by his parents, Frederick (wife Carolyn) and Mary. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, November 25th at 4 pm at Paul W Harris Funeral Home. All are welcome to attend and share their memories of Michael Hale. Reception to follow for family and friends at Lucca's Northside Kitchen.