Alphonse Ritondale

Obituary of Alphonse M. Ritondale

Irondequoit- Friday, May 31, 2024 at the age of 61. He is survived by his loving wife, Sherrie Ritondale; parents, Aldo and Angie Ritondale; sons, Autsin and Tyler; sisters, Judy Continelli, Diana (Steve) MacLean; along with several nieces, nephews, cousins and dear friends.

Al was an extremely hardworking man who cared deeply for his family and friends. He was an attentive father whose love for his children was steadfast. you could often find him at a garage sale or estate sale hunting down the kid's favorite things: CDs, videogames and Sports Cards. Tyler loved to go for rides with Dad to the store or just to listen to music in the car and go for a ride. He was very proud to be a father; no matter what trick hours he worked, he always had time for his kids.

Al stayed in touch with some friends throughout the years. Tim Coyle was his best friend since childhood and our best man at our wedding although from time to time they would not be in touch, when they were it was just like old times. They would tell funny stories about stuff they did as kids growing up and it was always good to see them together laughing and reminiscing. In later years they shared an awful coincidence of having a diagnosis of lung cancer. First Tim was diagnosed.Then when Al was, it was not long before he went to his friend to tell him and seek comfort and advice. I know talking to Timmy helped Al come to terms with his cancer. He no longer felt so alone in his fate. He was looking so forward to seeing Tim again when he left the hospital. Unfortunately, Tim passed away the day he was discharged. This was a difficult time for him during the holidays, missing his best friend.

Al's devotion to his parents was unwavering. He decided to stay with his parents after his father fell and broke his shoulder. He wanted to help them as much as he could in their golden years.When his mother fell ill and could no longer live in the family home, Al insisted on staying right there to help care for Aldo. He could not stand the thought of his Dad being alone every day. He loved his parents and would have done anything for them. Alphonse enjoyed time with his Dad watching their favorite shows: All In The Family, Andy Griffith, and of course, the Three Stooges.                                                                 

 Alphonse was a generous person who would help a stranger out if he could. He will be remembered for his sense of humor, love for his friends, including his dogs and cats, and deep devotion to family.                                                                                                              

Many thanks to the wonderful Nurses and Drs. at Unity and RGH for keeping Al as comfortable as possible during his journey with cancer. He truly loved the Nurses on the fourth floor and I am eternally grateful for the special care given to him. A special thank you to our nephew Matt MacLean for always helping Uncle Al with errands, banking etc,. You were very special to Uncle Al and we love you for all your help.     

To honor my husband's wishes, there will not be a funeral service, I pray that you will celebrate his memory in your own ways. I know he will be with us in spirit. Rest in peace, my love! I will always love you and will be with you again someday